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BEAT speeding tickets!
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Dan Strauss unveils huge legal loopholes.


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From the Mailbag: "I was panicking as I'd stupidly collected two tickets in one week. If I didn't get at least one of them cancelled somehow, I was going to lose my license. That's when I searched around the Internet and found your guide...more

I don't believe it. I got both of them cancelled and a letter of apology!" -- M.Shorter, Manchester

From the Mailbag: "I'd never heard of the [technique] before. Now I see why. Last week, I sent off a template letter from your kit. This morning I found out the ticket had been cancelled...more

I'm ecstatic! I don't believe what I've found out. Seriously, thanks. You saved my bacon!" -- D.Flatt, Leeds

From the Mailbag: "Wow! I bought this guide as it looked interesting, and thought it might be a con. I was so wrong.

I want to say thanks to you guys. I now know how to handle the police if they ever pull me over (to ensure I can get "off" tickets at a later date). The tricks about the Blue Badge ticket and making claims against uninsured drivers are also utterly priceless...more

You really should stop selling this at just £17.95 -- put the price up, you fools!" -- T.Woodham, London